Global Regulatory Reform Proposals

Global Regulatory Reform Proposals

Global Regulatory Reform: Side by Side Comparison

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The 2008 financial and economic crisis has led to an unprecedented number of regulatory and legislative reform proposals from U.S., EU and global groups, which have formed the basis for legislative, regulatory and standard setting agendas. In order to promote a better understanding of the issues raised, we have developed comparisons of a number of leading reform proposals and the legislative and regulatory measures that continue to emerge.

This presentation is a high level overview of leading global legislation and regulatory reform proposals. Each slide represents a major topic area with a timeline of events and a matrix comparing the different legislation and proposals, broken down by high level principles covered. It is not exhaustive nor does it delve into the minutiae of each legislation and proposal.

Summary descriptions of a number of regulators, legislators and major other actors in global reform are provided on the following page. Next are side-by-side analyses of related Global, UK, EU and U.S. legislation and/or proposals, along with timelines noting key milestone dates, followed by a glossary of terms, and bibliography.

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