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Booth Number(s): 1853
Accelize simplifies the adoption of FPGA technology by the financial services industry with its leading edge FPGA-based ultra low latency programmable network platforms. Accelize’s FPGA network platforms enable sub-microsecond latency market data processing and order execution and enable orders of magnitude superior performance for algorithmic trading, including options pricing and risk management, over conventional software-based and hybrid approaches. The Accelize FPGA network platform comprises one of several leading edge FPGA accelerator cards along with a combination of infrastructure intellectual property (IP), finance-specific IP, software APIs, and reference designs. These pre-validated design frameworks provide an unprecedented time-to-market advantage by enabling customers to concentrate on their value-add algorithms such as trading strategies, and proprietary IP.

Contact: Stephane Hauradou
2570 North First St.,, Ste 218
San Jose CA 95131

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