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Cape City Command

Booth Number(s): 1859
Cape City Command's purpose built appliances go beyond traditional network monitors by delivering a latency management signal directly to your trading application. Armed with this powerful new signal, your trade router bypasses exchange latency issues by continuously directing trades to the session with the current least latency. To validate the technology and size your opportunity, we offer a two step proof of concept process: First, the Latency Evaluator (LE) appliance processes your traffic and provides a real-time latency analysis to your desktop browser. The latency results are graphed and displayed alongside improvement projections had the trades been sent to the session recommended by our technology. Second, once the opportunity has been confirmed, the LE is field upgraded to the Trade Xccelerator (TX) model. The TX sends session recommendation signals through a light-weight API. Performance results are then compared to historical results to calculate the fill rate improvement and competitive advantages.

Contact: Tony Pettipiece
Global Head of sales and Marketing
Cape City Command
3306 Kitty Hawk Road, Suite 100
Wilmington NC 28405

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