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Eizo Inc.

Booth Number(s): 1102
EIZO FlexScan monitor's long term reliability and stability make them an ideal choice in 24/7 applications around the world. The EIZO line-up offers optimal performance with eco-friendly features that help reduce the total cost of ownership over time. A staple in trading rooms for over 20 years, FlexScan monitors offer financial insitutions the innovative features that traders rely on to perform effectively and efficiently. They help traders work the long hours if necessary while keeping eye fatigue to a minimum with non-glare panels that reduce light reflection, wide viewing angles so screen contents can be clearly read when viewing the screen at an angle, thin bezels for almost seamless viewing, and internal circuitry that prevents flickering and noise on the screen. Our dedication to designing, manufacturing, and testing our monitors allows us to be confident enough in their reliability that we can offer the industry's only 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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