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Copp Clark Limited

Booth Number(s): 1309
COPP CLARK is the trusted source for information on holidays affecting global financial markets. Our products and services ensure appropriate value dates and transactional integrity.

GOODBUSINESS DAY FINDER® is globally recognized as the market standard forward FX dealing calendar.

GOODBUSINESSDAY.COM® is the authoritative website for verifying holidays affecting global financial markets.

HOLIDAY DATA SERVICE® for financial applications provides rigorously researched holiday reference data that ensures the accuracy of system calendars and significantly reduces operational risk in payments, trading and settlement.

TRADING HOURS REPORT® which includes the recently launched Stocks Trading Calendar (daily report covering cash stock markets) provides detailed schedules of trading hours by market and instrument group.

Copp Clark Limited

1675 Sismet Road, Unit 1

Mississauga, ON L4W 4K8


Tel: +1 (647) 986-3478


Contact: Carol Champ
Director - Data Sales and Services
Copp Clark Limited
+1 (647) 986-3478
Copp Clark Limited, 1675 Sismet Road, Unit #1
Mississauga Ontario L4W 4K8

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