Market Structure

Market Structure 2012 Conference

October 4, 2012
New York
New York, NY

Market Structure Highlights

SIFMA is bringing together leading industry professionals and regulators to address the changing landscape of the U.S. securities markets and the many regulatory and legislative proposals recently issued by, or anticipated from, the SEC, exchanges, FINRA and Congress.  These proposals address all aspects of our market structure, including market-wide and single stock circuit breakers, algorithmic trading, high frequency trading, hidden liquidity/dark pools, and market making.  Keynote speakers and panelists will offer their views on these and other proposals, including their insights into the proposals' impact for years to come.  Discussions also will focus on the shifting universe of trading platforms and on firms' innovative business strategies (encompassing those from the buy-side, sell-side, and the exchanges) in the face of this changing landscape. 

Who Should Attend 

This will be an exceptional strategic and informative conference designed for representatives from the Broker/Dealer, Institutional Sales and Trading, Buy-Side, Technology, ECN, ATS, Crossing Networks, Exchange, Order Management and Execution, and the Legal and Regulatory communities.  Our executive level attendees represent many of the most influential financial institutions in the world. 

Program Topics Include 

  • Market Volatility 
  • Algorithmic, High Frequency, and High Speed Trading 
  • Single Stock Circuit Breakers/Limit Up-Limit Down Mechanism  
  • Market-Wide Circuit Breakers 
  • Market Maker Obligations 
  • Market Liquidity 
  • Dark Pools 
  • Transparency Issues 
  • Large Trader Reporting System 
  • Consolidated Audit Trail 
  • Dodd-Frank Financial Regulatory Reform – Impact on Market Structure/Trading 
  • MiFID, IOSCO and other global initiatives in many of the above areas 

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