SIFMA Securitization Group (SSG)


The SIFMA Securitization Group (SSG) advocates market standards to rebuild the securitization markets and, in turn, promote consumer lending.

SIFMA publishes 2017 Amendment to Master Securities Forward Transaction Agreement to facilitate compliance with FINRA Rule 4210.

SSG Committees

SSG Steering Committee 
Oversee the priorities of the SIFMA Securitization Group, and is composed of heads of securitization or their designees.

SSG/AMG Agency MBS Investor Committee
Provide a forum for investors to discuss important issues in agency mortgage-backed security (MBS) secondary markets.

SSG Dealer Agency MBS Committee 

Provide a forum to discuss important issues in Agency mortgage-backed security (MBS) secondary markets.

SSG Dealer Legal Advisory Committee
Discuss the legal, compliance and regulatory issues important for mortgage- and asset-backed securities. The Committee is composed of senior legal and compliance staff. Senior outside counsel from law firms may also be represented on specific issues.

SSG Dealer MBS/ABS Operations Committee 
Address operations issues that pertain to the mortgage- and asset-backed securities industry. The Committee is composed of senior back- and middle-office operations professionals, as well as representatives from relevant utilities, regulators, agencies and service providers.

SSG TBA Guidelines Steering Committee 
Oversee SIFMA's management of the Good Delivery Guidelines and other related market practices.       

Subgroups of the SIFMA Securitization Group 

FINRA Rule 4210 Working Group 
Fungibility Working Group
Regulation AB 2014 Working Group 
GSE Reform Steering Committee
SSG Derivatives Working Group
SSG Regulatory Capital Working Group 
SSG TRACE Implementation Working Group


SSG Resource Centers

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SSG Update 
A weekly comprehensive resource on legislative and regulatory developments and events affecting the securitization markets. 
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SSG Documents

  • Sample Risk Retention Due Diligence Discussion Topics for Underwriters, Initial Purchasers and Placement Agents in ABS Offerings
    The document was developed by a SIFMA1 dealer working group on Regulation RR, 17 C.F.R. §246.1, et seq., (the “Credit Risk Retention Rules” or “the Rules”), implementing the credit risk retention requirement of Section 15G of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  It sets forth potential topics to consider in performing due diligence during the ABS transaction process.  It is intended to help guide dealers acting as underwriters, initial purchasers, and placement agents in their efforts to undertake a reasonable investigation to determine if there are any material misrepresentations or omissions contained in a registration statement, prospectus or offering memorandum.  Additionally, some suggested pre-marketing discussion topics are presented at the end of the document.  
  • Sample Asset Level Data (ALD) Due Diligence Topics for Underwriters in ABS Offerings
    This document is intended to be used by dealers acting as underwriters as part of their efforts to undertake a reasonable investigation to determine if there are any material misstatements contained in a registration statement or prospectus as it relates to the ALD. These are potential topics of focus, and the actual topics of focus should be narrowed or expanded based on the circumstances of the transaction and asset class. This document is not intended to be prescriptive, nor is it intended to apply to every transaction.

TBA Market Governance

The To-Be-Announced (TBA) market facilitates the forward trading of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) issued by the GSEs (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) and Ginnie Mae.
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Investor's Guide to MBS and CMOs

Visit SIFMA's Store features resources for industry professionals and consumers. SIFMA's private-label Investor Guides provide a comprehensive yet understandable explanation of an investment product or market.
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Securitized Products

SIFMA's Securitized Products Standard Forms and Documentation Library.
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SIFMA Research on Structured Finance 
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GFMA News and Correspondence

GFMA is deeply engaged in the myriad of industry, regulatory, and legislative efforts that intersect with the securitisation markets because the recovery of these markets and the restoration of healthy lending are essential to the recovery of the global economy.
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