SIFMA Annual Meeting 2015

SIFMA Annual Meeting 2015

Highlights from the Capital Markets Conference

SIFMA's 2015 Annual Meeting, the Capital Markets Conference, convened leaders of the financial services industry in our nation's capital for one-on-one conversations, in-depth discussions and expert insights on the state of our capital markets and how they can drive capital formation, job creation and economic growth.  

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September 27, 2016 
The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC



Featured Blog Posts

Secretary Lew: Administration opposed to corrections that undermine financial reform
Speaking at SIFMA's Annual Meeting, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew showed openness to technical corrections to Dodd-Frank regulations, but cautioned against complete overhauls.

SEC Chair White: 'This is an unprecedented period of rulemaking'
Three top officials gathered at SIFMA's 2015 Annual Meeting to discuss the state of capital markets and how the public and private sectors can work together.

View from the States: Proceed cautiously on potential rate hike
Speaking at the 2015 SIFMA Annual Meeting, Govs. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) and Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) both expressed concerns about the Federal Reserve's potential interest rate hike.

Cybersecurity leaders stress information sharing and collaboration with government partners
Cybersecurity thought leaders highlighted threats to the financial services sector at SIFMA's 2015 Annual Meeting.

Lawmakers: Dept. of Labor should reconsider risky fiduciary rule proposal  
At SIFMA's 2015 Annual Meeting, House lawmakers reiterated bipartisan concerns about the DOL fiduciary rule, urging that the agency work along with the SEC.

The Investor of Tomorrow
Wealth managers at the 2015 SIFMA Annual Meeting discussed how to invest in new technology in a way that complements and supports their business's traditional strengths.

Economists Preach "Cautious Optimism" About US Growth
Economists at the 2015 SIFMA Annual Meeting discussed both the short- and long-term implications of an increasingly globalized world for investors and public officials alike.

Project Invested: Capital Markets, the Middle Class, and a Growing Economy
Discussions at the 2015 SIFMA Annual Meeting held relevance for investors and voters alike: how to develop financial policy, regulation, and products tailored to boost the middle class.


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What's Next: CFTC Chair Massad on Regulatory Frameworks
CFTC Chair Timothy Massad and Bloomberg TV's Erik Schatzker discuss the need for a regulatory framework that continues to allow and even encourage innovation in our markets while balancing the need for resiliency in areas such as central clearing houses.

SEC Chair White: Important to get fiduciary standards 'right'
The SEC is focused on crafting a uniform fiduciary standard for broker-dealers, but it won't be a fast process, SEC Chair Mary Jo White commented to CNBC's Mary Thompson at the SIFMA Annual Meeting.

SIFMA SmartBrief: Special Update (Part 1) - Lew, Massad, White: What to watch from SIFMA's Annual Meeting

SIFMA SmartBrief: Special Update (Part 2) - All the news from the 2015 SIFMA Annual Meeting




Fact Book: TheFact Book is an annual reference containing comprehensive data on the securities industry, capital markets, market activity, investor participation, global markets, savings and investment, andmore. The Fact Book – used frequently by industry professionals, regulators, academics, and journalists – amasses data from dozens of sources into a single, easily accessible referencefor researchers and others who track key industry statistics.

Project Invested: This new resource, unveiled at the SIFMA Annual Meeting, focuses on local stories, and provides a forum to explore and discuss key concepts that underlie the market economy. By doing so, our hope is that this project will spark a conversation about the importance of capital markets in both private and public enterprises. We believe that's a story worth telling.

SIFMA Online Resource Centers: Comprehensive summaries of critical business, legislative and regulatory issues that affect the financial services industry.

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