SIFMA 2011 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2011

May 1-4, 2011
Marriott Marquis
New York, NY

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Halfway through implementation of the most far-reaching set of reforms the financial sector has seen in its history, SIFMA brought together senior regulators, industry leaders and market participants to provide an update on and insight into the regulatory process. Keep reading for highlights from these compelling presentations.

2011 at SIFMA


SIFMA's members and leadership join together to describe the regulatory landscape for financial markets through 2011-2012. SIFMA's priorities as they relate to the historic Dodd-Frank regulatory reform law. In 2011, regulators embarked on the unprecedented 2-5 year rulemaking journey to implement the 235 laws required by the legislation. Topics include systemic risk regulation, the Volcker Rule, OTC derivatives, fiduciary standard and housing finance and securitization.

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